Who We Are

We are a residential community care home, providing quality care to the unique needs and interest of our residents. Our goal is to provide basic daily living assistance as well as provide programs designed to enrich independent living, self-help and socialization skills.

Our Residents

Unlike similar live-in care facilities, Molding Hearts addresses the unique individuality of each resident. This includes customizing recreational activities and hobbies around residents’ personal interests, and designing life-skills training and vocational support depending on each resident’s personal strengths and weaknesses. Most importantly, we aim to develop each resident’s independence to its highest potential in order to give the resident a sense of agency and empowerment.

Urgent Needs

Budget cuts have affected everyone, but those most affected are the ones that need the most care. With your gift, an adult in need will be given the care they deserve.

Our Sponsors

Please contact our facility to obtain a list of our sponsors. We are always looking for new sponsors. If interested, please contact us


We are planning promotional activities in the near future. The activities will include mailers, flyers, and pamphlets dispersed around the community. Stay tuned.